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In the Beyond 5G era, building innovative networks to realize the digital transformation of advanced social systems for Society5.0 is necessary. Innovative networks should respond to the rapid growth in communication traffic, dynamic changes in communication quality, and various network services. In the Network Research Institute, we conduct R&D on computing and AI-enabled networking technology, next-generation wireless technology, photonic network technology, optical and radio convergence technology, space communication fundamental technology, and resilient information and communication technology (ICT), as key technologies of innovative networks. In addition, we promote standardization activities, dissemination of R&D results, and their implementation in society.

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About Network Research Institute

HARAI Hiroaki, Ph.D.
Director General
Driving R&D on Network Technologies Supporting Beyond 5G and Dissemination of R&D Results

Our research laboratories and offices of Network Research Institute are located in Koganei in Tokyo, Yokosuka, Sendai, Kashima, and Kobe. We conduct R&D on the field of "Innovative Networks" which enable networks to respond to the rapid growth in communication traffic, dynamic changes in communication quality, and various network services to realize the digital transformation of advanced social systems in Society5.0 in the Beyond 5G era. Our research target is fundamental and system technology for optical and wireless communications and for networking enabling to fulfill essential functions of the broadband, ultra-reliable, and ultra-low latency communications desired in the Beyond 5G era. We also run an open innovation platform supporting and driving R&D on innovative and functionally integrated ICT device technologies for using wavebands of both lightwave and radio frequency.

We conduct R&D on networks in aiming to solve social challenges of the world with SDGs in mind. We try to evolve scalability of communication networks which are terrestrial networks and non-terrestrial networks on the sea, in the sky, and in outer space in terms of numbers and of dimensions. We also try to enhance resilience for supporting information distribution continuously even at disasters and network failures. Furthermore, we develop technologies for ultra-high-capacity photonic networks fundamentally supporting smooth information distribution and technologies for harmonization of bandwidths in optical and radio networks. We establish fundamental technologies letting network services exist simultaneously which are suitable for various information properties by controlling and managing communication, computation, storage, and sensing resources flexibly and efficiently. We also try to build system assessment technology in cyberspace to validate/verify networking technologies. Our goal is to build innovative networks which support society by communication and networking technologies delivering "more information quickly and extensively" with "flexibility, safety, and efficiency".

Communication networks are now essential infrastructure in our society letting people enjoy timely news, daily shopping, and communication anytime, anywhere. The Internet has become enormously widespread during the 21st century thanks to broadband technologies in wired networks. Mobile networks also have become widespread thanks to broadband technologies in wireless networks with convenient commercial devices developed like smartphones. The more progress of communication networks is expected by Convergence Technology among wired networks, wireless networks, and mobile networks. Networking where optical and wireless communications are "connected" has created new connections with newer things by integrated and converged technologies since the period of ISDN and FMC. It is going on farther by more innovative technologies.

The time is coming soon with new infrastructure built by innovative technologies on the earth, in the ocean, in space, and farther to the moon, being available to be connected for communications. We innovate and evolve technologies in networks cooperatively. We also promote standardization activities and dissemination of R&D results so as to support society in the Beyond 5G era. We establish new technologies by collaborating with companies and universities with our ears to the ground for social opinions and promote deployment of research results and enhancement of the social resources in this field.

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