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  • General Planning Office
Radio Propagation Research Center
Applied Electromagnetic Research Center
National Cyber Training Center
  • Cyber Training Business Promotion Office
  • Cyber Training Laboratory
  • Cyber Observation Business Promotion Office
  • Cyber Observation Operation Office
  • General Planning Office
Koganei Frontier Research Center
  • Suita Planning Office
  • Brain Networks and Communication Laboratory
  • Brain Function Analysis and Imaging Laboratory
  • Neural Information Engineering Laboratory
  • General Planning Office
  • Beyond 5G Design Initiative
  • Planning Office
  • Terahertz Laboratory
  • General Planning Office
  • Quantum ICT Design Initiative
General Produce Office
  • Produce Office
  • Technology Promotion Office
Social Innovation Unit
  • Research Planning and Promotion Office
  • Regional/Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Office
  • ICT Testbed Coordination and Planning Office
  • ICT Testbed Research, Development and Operations Laboratory
  • Social-ICT System Laboratory
Innovation Promotion Department
  • Collaborative Research Promotion Office
  • Commissioned Research Promotion Office
  • Funded Research Promotion Office
  • Intellectual Property Promotion Office
  • Standardization Promotion Office
  • International Collaboration Promotion Office
  • International Research Development Office
  • Asia Center
  • North-America Center
  • Europe Center
ICT Deployment and Industry Promotion Department
  • Deployment Promotion and International Exchange Planning Office
  • Entrepreneur Promotion Office
  • Business and Technology Research Promotion Office
  • Information Barrier-free Office
General Affairs Department
  • General Affairs Office
  • Personnel Affairs Office
  • Legal and Compliance Office
Financial Affairs Department
  • Finance Office
  • Contract Office
  • Facility Office
Strategic Planning Department
  • Strategic Planning Office
  • Evaluation Office
Operation Planning Department
  • Operation Design Office
  • DX Design Office
  • Radio Wave Management and Manufacturing Office
Public Relations Department
  • Public Relations Planning Office
  • Press Office
NICT Knowledge Hub
Information Gathering Satellite Development Office
Audit Office