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About us

The Optical Access Technology Laboratory conducts integrated research and development on optical information and communication technologies ranging from device level to system level.
 Our objective is to propose innovative communications systems which meet the stringent network requirements in the Beyond 5G era from device level and demonstrate their practicality and effectiveness through system-level experiments.
Our research interests include high-performance optical integration, microwave/millimeter-wave photonics, and optoelectronic signal processing.
 We are always striving to develop innovative technologies in collaboration with industry and academia.


R&D on Massively-integrated All-band ICT Hardware


This topic aims to develop massively-integrated all-band ICT hardware technology that enables flexible, adaptive, and scalable hardware-level conversion of optical and radio systems and broadband waveform processing. To this end, we are working on photonic massive integration technology, optoelectronic frequency conversion technology, as well as wide field-of-view optical device technology.

R&D on Harmonized and Seamless Trans-medium Access System

To harmonize the heterogeneous access systems, including legacy microwave wireless, optic fiber as well as emerging millimeter-wave, THz and optical wireless links, and facilitate ultra-wideband trans-medium access infrastructure in the Beyond 5G era, we are working on key technology enablers including sub-Tbps-class radio-over-fiber transmission technology, low-noise optoelectronic reference signal generation/distribution technology, and scalable bandwidth controlling/allocation technology across the optical and radio domains.



Contact Information

Optical Access Technology Laboratory,
Photonic ICT Research Center, Network Research Institute,
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

4-2-1 Nukui-kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan.