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Duration: November 25 (Wed) – December 23 (Wed), 2020
Project reviews and progress reports are available on the Forum website: https://naivo.org/ for Steering Committee members and project leaders only.

Project Final Reports
6 Projects (2016: 1, 2017: 3, 2018: 2)

  1. Cambodia NerveNet Field Testing (Operation Management and Content Development to Promote Connectedness of Cambodia Rural Area)
    Project Leader: Mr. Khema Van, NIPTICT, Cambodia
  2. A Hybrid Security Framework for IoT Networks
    Project Leader: Dr. Hoang Dang Hai, PTIT, Vietnam
  3. Smart Lighting for Internet of Things and Smart Homes
    Project Leader: Dr. Pham Tien Dat, NICT, Japan
  4. IoT System for Public Health and Safety Monitoring with Ubiquitous Location Tracking
    Project Leader: Dr. Chieng Heng Tze, MIMOS, Malaysia
    Presenter: Dr. Arosha Senanayake, UBD, Brunei
  5. Scalable Distributed IoT Framework based on Mobile Robot Technology for High Performance Greenhouse Plants
    Project Leader: Dr. Thu Ngo-Quynh, HUST, Vietnam
  6. Smart Aquaculture Quality Monitoring (AQM) System with Internet of Things (IoT)
    Project Leader: Dr. Widad Ismail, USM, Malaysia

Project Reviews
10 Projects (2017: 1, 2018: 4, 2019: 5)

  1. Evapotranspiration (ET)-Based Irrigation System with Internet of Things (IoT) Integration for Smart Farming Application Addressing the ASEAN Impending Water Crisis
    Project Leader: Dr. Jennifer Dela Cruz, Mapua U, the Philippines
  2. Event Analysis: Applications of computer vision and AI in smart tourism industry
    Project Leader: Dr. Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk, UTB, Brunei
  3. Cyber-Attack Detection and Information Security for Industry 4.0
    Project Leader: Dr. Nguyen Linh Trung, VNU-UET, Vietnam
  4. NAPC: Networked ASEAN Peat Swamp Forest Communities
    Project Leader: Dr. Aduwati Binti Sali, UPM, Malaysia
  5. A mesh-topological, low-power wireless network platform for a smart watering system
    Project Leader: Dr. Udom Lewlompaisarl, NECTEC, Thailand
  6. Relay Station Network Based on Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) Technologies for Disaster Management
    Project Leader: Dr. Kanokvate Tungpimolrut, NECTEC, Thailand
  7. AgriBKChain: a blockchain-based network for agricultural traceability and product advertising
    Project Leader: Dr. Dao Thanh Chung, HUST, Vietnam
  8. FarmTab: Precision Agriculture System using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for Urban Farming
    Project Leader: Ms. Chong Yung Wey, USM, Malaysia
  9. Prevention of 4 Disasters and Their Single Recovery Networks based on Internet-of-Things with Airborne Capability (PATRIOT-41R-Net)
    Project Leader: Dr. Khoirul Anwar, Telkom U, Indonesia
  10. GNSS and Ionospheric Data Products for Disaster Prevention and Aviation in Magnetic Low-Latitude Regions
    Project Leader: Dr. Pornchai Supnithi, KMITL, Thailand

Project Progress Repot
4 Projects (2020: 4)

  1. Context-Aware Disaster Mitigation using Mobile Edge Computing and Wireless Mesh Network
    Project Leader: Dr. Tham Mau Luen, UTAR, Malaysia
  2. Reusable, Sharable, and Transferable Smart Data Platform for Collaborative Development of Data-driven Smart Cities
    Project Leader: Dr. Minh-Son Dao, NICT, Japan
  3. ASEAN-Wide Cyber-Security Research Testbed
    Project Leader: Dr. Sinchai Kamolphiwong, PSU, Thailand
  4. An Energy Efficient, Self-Sustainable, and Long Range IoT System for Drought Monitoring and Early Warning
    Project Leader: Dr. Xuan Nam Tran, LQDTU, Vietnam