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ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN Institutes and NICT
ASEAN IVO Forum 2015

Call for Presentations

ASEAN IVO Forum 2015 will provide a place for all ASEAN IVO members to exchange ideas, discuss R&D topics and coordinate projects. Any and all members of ASEAN IVO can apply for the ASEAN IVO Forum 2015.

We are currently accepting abstracts for presentations.

1. Topics

Any topics relevant to ICT research and development will be considered.

2. Important Dates

  1. Deadline for abstract submission: Sept. 30, 2015
  2. Forum registration deadline for speakers: Sept. 30, 2015
  3. ASEAN IVO Forum 2015: Nov. 26, 2015

3. Venue

MIMOS Berhad, Technology Park Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


4. Travel and Accommodation

NICT can provide the round trip flight ticket at discount economy class and hotel accommodation for speakers of all approved presentations.

5. Review and Selection

  1. The Steering Committee of ASEAN IVO will evaluate each submission for technical merit and other relevant factors. In some cases, modifications may be recommended.
  2. Approved presentations will be published on the ASEAN IVO website.
  3. Speakers of the selected presentations are expected to cooperate with NICT for administrative procedures.

6. Submission

  1. Procedure: Submit applications by filling in all necessary items on the submission and registration form and e-mailing it in PDF format.
  2. Submit to: ASEAN IVO Secretariat
    Dr. Hiroshi EMOTO
    International Relations Office
    International Affairs Department
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
    4-2-1, Nukui-Kita, Koganei
    Tokyo 184-8795
    Tel: +81-42-327-7319
    Fax: +81-42-327-5321
    Email: asean_ivo_sc_nict@ml.nict.go.jp