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Call for Proposals 2016

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ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN Institutes and NICT



Call for Proposals 2016


To bring the benefit of ICT to every social and geographic corner, to solve the common problems such as environmental problems, food supply, natural disasters and digital divides in the ASEAN region, all members of ASEAN IVO have the responsibility to accelerate Research and Development in the field of ICT. We consider that collaboration between institutions and between countries is one of the most important tools for this purpose, and ASEAN IVO is to launch new joint projects in spring 2016 to promote such R&D in the ICT field.


ASEAN IVO -- Call for Proposals 2016 is now open to all members of ASEAN IVO to make new projects in the ICT field starting from April, 2016. Please fill the Proposal Form and submit it to ASEAN IVO Secretariat.



1. Topics


The Call for Proposals 2016 is open for topics under the following themes:


1.    ICT Solutions to the Challenges surrounding Urbanization

Keywords: urban mobility, smart cities, IOT, cloud computing, big data, digital security, infrastructure resilience, green ICT, etc.


2.    Social Renovation in Rural Areas and/or Urban Areas

Keywords: agriculture, education, healthcare, disaster management, rural infrastructure, content delivery, low-cost networks, etc.


Proposals in any ICT-related topic are welcome if sufficient relevance to one or both of the above themes can be demonstrated.



2. Important dates


  1. Deadline for proposal submission:    Feb. 15, 2016
  2. Evaluation period:                          March 2016
  3. Notice of results:                           March 2016



3.   Application


1.    The institution of the applicant should be an ASEAN IVO member, and the applicant should be the project leader.

2.    The members of the proposed project should be at minimum 2 institutions of any 2 countries in ASEAN region, or 3 institutions if NICT or another Japanese institution is included.

3.    An institution that is not a member of ASEAN IVO can join the project as a member.




4. Budget


Max. 40,000 US$/project/year



5. Projects


Around 5 projects will be selected in total.

The duration of the project can be from 6 months to 36 months. If the duration is over 24 months, the project would be reviewed once by the Steering Committee.



6. Review and selection


1.    The Steering Committee of ASEAN IVO will evaluate each submission from the following viewpoints. In some cases, modifications may be recommended.

-       Scientific and/or technological excellence (relevant to the topics addressed by the call)

       Soundness of concept, and quality of objectives

       Progress beyond the state-of-the-art

       Quality and effectiveness of the S/T methodology and associated work plan

-       Quality and efficiency of the implementation and the management

       Appropriateness of the management structure and procedures

       Quality and relevant experience of the individual participants

       Quality of the consortium as a whole (including complementarity, balance)

       Appropriateness of the allocation and justification of the resources to be committed (budget, staff, equipment…)

-       Potential impact through the development, dissemination and use of project results

       Contribution, at the ASEAN and/or international level, to the expected impacts listed in the work program under the relevant topic/activity

       Relevance of potential impact to national or ASEAN official guidelines, such as the ASEAN ICT Master Plan.

       Appropriateness of measures for the dissemination and/or exploitation of project results, and management of intellectual property.

       Potential to generate sustainable community practices, business models or industry-relevant products with future development.

2.    Selected proposals will be published on the ASEAN IVO website.

3.    Members of the selected projects, especially project leaders, are requested to cooperate with NICT for administrative procedures.



7. Intellectual Property


Among the project products achieved by the collaborative research and development, the intellectual property of any product that is independently created by a researcher or researchers of one institution shall be solely reserved by that institution.

Among the project products achieved by the collaborative research and development, the intellectual property of any product that is jointly created by researchers of more than one institution shall be jointly held by those institutions.





8. Open source and Data sharing


ASEAN IVO envisions an acceleration of innovation that can be achieved by open access to technologies and information. For this purpose, it is highly recommended that research data is made available between ASEAN IVO members, if it is appropriate and practicable, and researchers are encouraged to consider open source development, or make use of shared platforms.



9. Reports


The final report should be presented after the project has finished and the report will be published on the ASEAN IVO website.



10. Submission


1.    Procedure: Submit applications by filling in all necessary items in the proposal form and E-mailing by attachment in both MS Word and PDF formats.

2.    Submit to: ASEAN IVO Secretariat

Dr. Hiroshi EMOTO

International Relations Office

International Affairs Department

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

4-2-1, Nukui-Kita, Koganei

Tokyo 184-8795


Tel: +81-42-327-7319

Fax: +81-42-327-5321