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Round Table 2015

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ASEAN-NICT ICT Round Table 2015

Date:   2015.2.25 (Wed.), 26 (Thu.)
Venue:   Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21,  Bangkok, Thailand


2015.2.25 (Wed.)

18:30-20:30 Welcome Reception

2015.2.26 (Thu.)

09:00-09:05 Opening Address

09:05-12:45 Session 1: Future R&D Strategy Introduction

     Dr.Sumei Sun,
         Head, Advanced Communications Technology Department, I2R,
     Dr. Wahid Omar
         Vice-Chancellor / President
         Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
     Dr. Supot Tiarawut
         Direcor of CU-ENG Industrial Liaison Program
         Chulalongkorn University,
     Dr. Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn
         Executive Director, NECTEC,
     Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh
         Director, VNU International Francophone Institute,
         President, Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam,

10:45-11:05 Break

     Mrs. Woro Indah Widiastuti
         Senior Technology Advisor to the Minister,
         Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,
     Dr. Reynaldo Vea
         President / CEO,
         Mapua Institute of Technology,
     Dr. Myint Myint Sein
         Pro-Rector, Professor,
         University of Computer Studies,
     Dr. Sethserey Sam
         Vice President for International Affairs
         National Institute of Posts, Telecoms and ICT,
     Dr. Fumihiko "Tom" Tomita
         Chief R&Strategy Officer, Vice President, NICT,

13:45-16:30 Session2: Promoting Individual Research Fields

     13:45-14:30 Field 1: Wireless Network
         1.  Dr. Hiroyuki Yano,
             Director General, Wireless Network Research Institute,
             NICT, Japan

         2.  Dr. Sumei Sun,
             Head, Advanced Communications Technology Department
             I2R, Singapore

         3.  Mr. Choong Foo Boon,
             Senior Director, Wireless Innovation,
             MIMOS, Malaysia

     14:30-15:15 Field 2: Photonic Network
         1.  Dr. Tetsuya Miyazaki,
             Director General, Photonic Network Research Institute,
             NICT, Japan

         2.  Assoc. Prof. Duang-Rudee Worasucheep
             Department of Electrical Engineering
             Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

         3.  Assoc. Prof. Dang The Ngoc,
             Head of Photonic Division,            
                                PTIT, Vietnam

15:15-15:30 Break

     15:30-16:30 Field 3: Multilingual Translation
         1.  Dr. Eiichiro Sumita
             Associate Director General
             Universal Communication Research Institute,
             NICT, Japan

         2.  Dr. Chai Wutiwiwatchai
             Director, Intelligent Informatics Research Unit,
             NECTEC, Thailand

         3.  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chi Mai Luong
             Head of Scientific Council,
             Institute of Information Technology,
             Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam

         4.  Dr. Ir. Hammam Riza
             Deputy for Information, Energy and Material Technology,
             Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology

16:30-16:45 Break

16:45-17:45 Session3: Discussion for Collaboration Strategy
             (ASEAN-NICT ICT Virtual Institute)

     ASEAN-NICT ICT Virtual Institute
         Moderator: Masao Sakauchi, President, NICT, Japan

     Free discussion

17:45 Closing