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Photonic Network System Laboratory

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March 7, 2019

Research outline

    The Photonic Network System Laboratory performs research into ultrahigh-capacity multi-core fiber transmission technologies and optical integrated network technologies to meet the increased demand for data services, predicted to increase by three orders of magnitude from today by 2020. This research includes investigation of both high-capacity point-to-point transmission and fully dynamic, flexible network systems able to accommodate rapid traffic fluctuation and the diversification of data services. Further research is required to develop basic technologies for optical access networks to allow these high capacity networks to reach increased numbers of subscribers at greater distances and with more power efficiency than possible.


Photonic Network System Technologies

    This research develops technologies for ultrahigh-capacity multi-core fiber network systems with more than 1-Peta bps switching nodes. Energy-efficient all optical switching nodes. Energy-efficient all optical switching technologies for packet processing without converting optical signals into electrical signals are investigated in addition to optical transmitter and receiver technologies for multicore fibers. To increase achievable capacity, development of basic technologies for spatial super-mode transmission is also performed.
    In addition, this research aims to develop optical swithing and transport node platforms that can handle different baud rates, communication schemes, and protocols enabled by the reconfiguration of common hardware. Further research develops 1-Tera bps-per-channel class optical transceiver and switching and real-time dynamic control technologies for optical signals in both the time and frequency domain.

Space Division Multiplexing

Optical Integrated Network




Photonic Network System Laboratory,
Network System Research Institute,
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

4-2-1 Nukui-kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan.