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Project Introduction

This project is to develop a low cost, real-time drought monitoring and early-warning system based on Internet of Things (IoT) for river basin regions of Vietnam. The developed system will combine the advanced technologies of Beat sensor, LoRa, cloud computing, data analysis, RF energy harvesting and web/Android based application to provide a smart environment monitoring platform, which can provide timely warning to reduce the impact of drought in terms of both economic loss and human health.

Project Members

* Project Leader
Full Name Position/Degree Department, Institution, Country
Xuan Nam Tran * Professor, Head of Department/PhD Advanced Wireless Communications Group, LQDTU, Vietnam
Koichiro Ishibashi Professor, Director/PhD +) Department of Computer & Network Eng., University of Electro- Communications (UEC), Japan; +) UEC ASEAN Research
Center (UARC), Thailand
Jiro Ida Professor/PhD Division of Electrical Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of
Technology, Japan
Kosin Chamnongthai Professor
Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut's Univeraity of Technology Thonburi, Thailand
Assoc. Professor
Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
Luong Duy Manh Lecturer/PhD Department of Radio Engineering, LQDTU, Vietnam
Nguyen Van Trung Lecturer/PhD Department of Radio Engineering, LQDTU, Vietnam
Nguyen Quoc Dinh Assoc. Professor, Head of Lab/PhD Department of Radio Engineering, LQDTU, Vietnam
Hoang Van Phuc Assoc. Professor, Deputy Head of
Department of Microelectronics &
Hardware Security,
LQDTU, Vietnam
Bui Du Duong Director/PhD National Center for Water
Resources Planning &
Investigation (NAWAPI), Vietnam
Dao Van Lan PhD Candidate Division of Networked and Embedded Systems, Malardalen University, Sweden
Nguyen Thuy Linh PhD Candidate Ishibashi Laboratory,
UEC, Tokyo, Japan
Dao Thanh Toan Lecturer,
Vice Director/PhD
Vietnam-Japan R&D Center, University of Transport and
Communications, Vietnam
Truong Trung Kien Lecturer/PhD Department of Electronic Eng.,
Post & Telecom. Institute of Tech. (PTIT), Vietnam