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Steering Committee meeting
Steering Committee meeting
Steering Committee members and secretariat
Steering Committee members and secretariat

The 8th ASEAN IVO Steering Committee meeting was held at the campus of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok on the morning of Tuesday, March 12.

The Chair was NICT Vice-president Dr. Fumihiko Tomita, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Widhyakorn Asdornwised (department of Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University) served as co-Chair. The main topic of this meeting was the selection of projects for the 2019 Call for Proposals.

Under the three themes of “ICT Solutions from Farm to Meal”, “ICT for Environment Protection and Disaster Prevention”, and “Secure and Sustainable Connected Society”, 63 proposals were received in total. The 17 Steering Committee members each evaluated and ranked all 63 proposals. The top 5 projects were selected, based on the average of rankings given by all Steering Committee members.

Among the 5 selected projects, 3 include NICT as project member, and the remaining 2 include a Japanese university in their project teams. From these teams we can hope for many new developments in international research collaboration. NICT will continue coordinating with each team to ensure a smooth start to these projects.

Entering the fourth year from the launch of ASEAN IVO, the Committee also discussed the direction from here on in terms of activities, project promotion, evaluation and other matters.

Regarding the next Call for Proposals, the Secretariat proposed several changes to the submission and evaluation schedule as a response to the increasing number of proposals every year. This was approved by the Steering Committee. Additionally, other potential improvements to the evaluation system were discussed.

The next ASEAN IVO Forum and Steering Committee meeting will be held on November 20-21, 2019, at Manila, Philippines. Mapua University will serve as local host.

Table: ASEAN IVO 2019 Projects

Project Name Project Leader Member Institutions
Relay Station Network Based on Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) Technologies for Disaster Management Kanokvate Tungpimolrut, NECTEC, Thailand UTB, MU, ASTI, NICT, NUOL, TCEI, UCSY, CMP
AgriBKChain: a blockchain-based network for agricultural traceability and product advertising Dao Thanh Chung HUST, Vietnam UPM, UTB, NICT
FarmTab: Precision Agriculture System using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for Urban Farming Chong Yung Wey USM, Malaysia UTAR, HUST, UNHAS, UB, Kyoto Univ.
Prevention of 4 Disasters and Their Single Recovery Networks based on Internet-of-Things with Airborne Capability (PATRIOT-41R-Net) Khoirul Anwar Telkom U, Indonesia JAIST, HUST, UTM, AIT
GNSS and Ionospheric Data Products for Disaster Prevention and Aviation in Magnetic Low- Latitude Regions Pornchai Supnithi KMITL, Thailand CMU, CAAT, NUOL, YTU, NICT

Projects of ASEAN IVO 2019[PDF 170KB]