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ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN Institutes and NICT
ASEAN IVO Forum 2015


Date: Nov. 26 (Thu), 2015
Venue: Central Ballroom, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
09:00 Opening Address
Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah
President & CEO, MIMOS Berhad
09:15 Introduction of ASEAN IVO
Fumihiko Tomita
Chief Research & Strategy Officer, Vice President, NICT
09:30 Session 1: Internet of Things, Big Data and Social Applications 1
Chairman: Choong Foo Boon, MIMOS
IoT Open Innovation Platform
Choong Foo Boon, Chin Teong Looi
MIMOS, Malaysia
Research and Development of Internet of Things Enabling Technologies for Personal Health Care Applications.
Dzung Van Dinh
VNU-ITI, Vietnam
Cloud Centric Participatory Mobile Sensor Network for IoT
Sumei Sun
I2R, Singapore
Internet of Things: Cloud Computing, Security and Research Area
Thu Ngo-Quynh,
HUST, Vietnam
Cloud and Big Data Infrastructure
Tuyet-Trinh Vu, Binh-Minh Nguyen, Viet-Trung Tran
HUST, Vietnam
10:45 Break
11:00 Session 2: Internet of Things, Big Data and Social Applications 2
Chairman: Myint Myint Sein, UCSY
ICT for Food Security - An Application for Rice in ASEAN Countries
Viet Son Nguyen, Thi-Lan Le, Hai Vu, Thanh-Hai Tran, Thi-Thuy Nguyen
MICA, HUST, Vietnam
Automatic Urban Growth Detection for City Development
Khaing Cho Moe, Myint Myint Sein
UCSY, Myanmar
Nearest Neighbors Public Services Search System for Myanmar Land
Su Nandar Aung, Myint Myint Sein
UCSY, Myanmar
Software Defined System for Disaster Management and Environmental Monitoring
Hiroaki Yamanaka
NICT, Japan
Establishment of ASEAN Open Source Software Portal
Hong Quang Nguyen, Ngoc Binh Nguyen
VNU-IFI, Vietnam
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Session 3: Sensing, Networks and Infrastructure 1
Chairman: Hafizal Mohamad, MIMOS
Indoor Navigator for the Visibly Impaired
David Chieng, SehChun Ng, Alvin Ting, Mohd Faiz Mat Daud
MIMOS, Malaysia
A Real-Time Indoor Position Tracking System Using IR-UWB
Huan-Bang Li, Toshinori Kagawa, Ryu Miura
NICT, Japan
Design and Implementation of Power Detector and UHF Converter for TVWS Application
Nordin Ramli*, Tengku Azhar Long Sulaiman*, Hafizal Mohamad*,
Takeshi Matsumura**, Kentaro Ishizu**
*MIMOS, Malaysia, **NICT, Japan
TV White Space Technologies and Social Deployments
Kentaro Ishizu
NICT, Japan
14:15 Break
14:30 Session 4: Sensing, Networks and Infrastructure 2
Chairman: Tetsuya Kawanishi, NICT
Dedicated Moderate Range Communications for Future Infrastructure
Tetsuya Kawanishi
NICT, Japan
RF Energy Harvesting for Future Communications
Tan Hanh, Vo Nguyen Quoc Bao
PTIT, Vietnam
Optoelectronic Component Characterization for Seamless Access Communication
Ukrit Mankong
Chang Mai U, Thailand
Laser Transmitter Adaptive Feedforward Linearization System for Radio over Fiber Applications
Yun Sheng Neo*, Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus*, Mohd Fua’ad Rahmat*, Atsushi Kanno**
*UTM, Malaysia, **NICT, Japan
Research on Optical Access Network
Duang-rudee Worasucheep*, Naoya Wada**
*Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, **NICT, Japan
15:45 Break
16:00 Session 5: Sensing, Networks and Infrastructure 3
Chairman: Rapid Sun, NIPTICT
NerveNet: A Regional-Area Self-Dependent Network System Providing Resilient and Secured Local Information Sharing and Communications for Empowering ASEAN
Masugi Inoue*, Yasunori Owada*, Kiyoshi Hamaguchi*, Chamnan Meas**,
Rapid Sun**, Sethserey Sam**, Sopheap Seng**
*NICT, Japan, **NIPTICT, Cambodia
Cambodia NerveNet Field Testing
Sopheap Seng*, Sethseary Sam*, Rapid Sun*, Chamnan Meas*, Masugi Inoue**,
Yasunori Owada**, Kiyoshi Hamaguchi**
*NIPTICT, Cambodia, ** NICT, Japan
NerveNet- A Conventional Network Connection for Rural Areas
Sethserey Sam, Rapid Sun
NIPTICT, Cambodia
VENGME H.264/AVC – A Low Power 130nm H.264/AVC Compatible Video Encoder for Next Generation Multimedia Equipment
Xuan-Tu Tran, Duy-Hieu Bui, Ngoc-Mai Nguyen, Nam-Khanh Dang, Van-Huan Tran, Viet-Thang Nguyen
VNU-UET, Vietnam
17:00 Break
17:15 Session 6: Universal Speech Translation
Chairman: Ai Ti AW, I2R
Open Collaboration for Developing and Using Asian Language Treebank (ALT)
Masao Utiyama, Eiichiro Sumita
NICT, Japan
Myanmar NLP Research and Usefulness of ALT data
Khin Mar Soe
UCSY, Myanmar
Current Status of Vietnamese Treebank Development, Usefulness of Collaboration with Asian Language Treebank
Tat Thang Vu, Chi Mai Luong
IOIT, Vietnam
Bootstrapping Asian Language Treebank (ALT) Using Indonesian Language Resources
Hammam Riza Gunarso, Teduh Uliniansyah
BPPT, Indonesia
Mining Parallel Corpora for Multilingual Machine Translation System
Viet Son Nguyen, Diep Do Thi Ngoc
MICA, HUST, Vietnam
ASEAN Language Speech Translation through U-STAR
Ai Ti Aw, Haizhou Li
I2R, Singapore
18:45 Closing
Fumihiko Tomita
Chief Research & Strategy Officer, Vice President, NICT
19:00 Reception