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NICT Europe Center

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Photo:NICT Europe Center
NICT Europe Center

NICT Europe Center of NICT is conducting the following missions.

  • Investigations on the R&D trends in the field of ICT in Europe.
  • Promotions of international cooperation between NICT and research institutes in Europe.
  • Activities towards international standardization in cooperation with ITU and other organizations in Europe.
Please contact us if you are interested in the collaboration with NICT.


NICT is the national research institute, funded by the Japanese government, promoting the full spectrum of research and development in ICT from basic to applied research. Here we present to you our mission and organization.

We will share the press releases from NICT head quarters in Tokyo, Japan.

We offer international collaboration opportunities through invitation programs, exchange programs and more. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Don't miss our monthly magazine "NICT News". The english version is published a few months after the original Japanese version.

We issue the Journal quarterly. You can find our achievement on our onlie disclosure system.



28 rue de Berri
75008 Paris
tel: +33 9 83 60 35 40
  +33 9 83 91 35 40



Shintaro Ogi, Director of Europe Center