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Steering Committee meeting
Steering Committee meeting
Steering Committee members and secretariat
Steering Committee members and secretariat

The 4th ASEAN IVO Steering Committee meeting was held on March 7 at Chulalongkorn University campus in Bangkok, Thailand. The main topic was selection of projects for the 2017 Call for Proposals. In this year’s call, 28 proposals were submitted. These proposals were evaluated by the 16 Steering Committee members in advance of the meeting, and during this meeting the top 5 scoring proposals were approved for selection. The selected projects all involve a range of different countries, and have great potential for the deployment of research results and expanding international collaboration.

Various other topics were discussed and comments given during the meeting. For example, that ASEAN IVO prioritize collaboration as to benefit the different countries according to their varying needs, and that proposer organizations should contribute to their project budget for sustainable development.

It was also agreed that the next ASEAN IVO Forum will take place in Autumn 2017. During this time there will be the opportunity to give presentations for potential new collaboration, and also ongoing projects will present their progress for review.

Table: ASEAN IVO 2017 Projects

  Project name Proposer Member Institutions
1 A Hybrid Security Framework for IoT Networks Hoang Dang Hai
PTIT (Vietnam)
2 Smart Lighting for Internet of Things and Smart Homes Pham Tien Dat
NICT (Japan)
NICT, VAST, HCMUT, LIPI, PTIT, Waseda University
3 IoT System for Public Health and Safety Monitoring with Ubiquitous Location Tracking Chieng Heng Tze
MIMOS (Malaysia)
MIMOS, NICT, HUST, UBD, Gifu University
4 Evapotranspiration (ET)-Based Irrigation System with Internet of Things (IoT) Integration for Smart Farming Application Addressing the ASEAN Impending Water Crisis Jennifer Dela Cruz
MIT (Philippines)
5 Study and evaluation of heterogeneous network for smart community and smart city applications Kultida Rojviboonchai
CU (Thailand)