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Journal of NICT

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ISSN 2433-6017 (Online)

ISSN 1349-3205 (Print) FY 2001 to FY 2016

Journal of NICT is English-language publication, highlighting the latest research at NICT.

Journal of the Communications Research Laboratory (1954-1988) Journal of the Radio Research Laboratory (1988-2003)

Journal of NICT(ebook / PDF)

Journal of NICT(PDF)

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Special Issue on Knowledge Creating Communication Vol.59 Nos.3/4 September/December, 2012
Special Issue on the Optical Inter-orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite (OICETS)
—Development and In-Orbit Experiments—
Vol.59 Nos.1/2 March/June, 2012
Special Issue on Network Security Vol.58 Nos.3/4 September/December, 2011
Special Issue on Technology for Disaster Management and Mitigation Vol.58 Nos.1/2 March/June, 2011
Special Issue on Space-Time Standards Vol.57 Nos.3/4 September/December, 2010
Special Issue on Ultra-Realistic Communication Technology Vol.57 Nos.1/2 March/June, 2010
Special Issue on Space Weather Forecast Vol.56 Nos.1 - 4 March/June/September/December, 2009
Special Issue on Life and ICT
-From ICT Inspired by Life to Molecular Communication-
Vol.55 No.4 December, 2008
Special Issue on Traceable and Secure Networks Vol.55 Nos.2/3 June/September, 2008
Special Issue on Terahertz Technology Vol.55 No.1 March, 2008
Special Issue on Wideband InterNetworking Engineering Test and Demonstration Satellite (WINDS) Vol.54 No.4 December, 2007
Special Issue on Human Communications Vol.54 No.3  September, 2007
Special Issue on Middle and Upper Atmosphere Observation Techniques Vol.54 Nos.1/2 March/June, 2007
Special Issue on New Generation Mobile Network Vol.53 No.4 December, 2006
Special Issue on Photonic and Quantum Communications Vol.53 No.3 September, 2006
Special Issue on Photonic Networks Vol.53 No.2 June, 2006
Special Issue on EMC Vol.53 No.1 March, 2006
Special Issue on R&D Testbed Networks Vol.52 Nos.3/4 September/December, 2005
Special Issue on Information Security Vol.52 Nos.1/2 March/June, 2005
Special Issue on Kansai Advanced Research Center Vol.51 Nos.3/4 September/December, 2004
Special Issue on Optical COE(Center of Excellence) Vol.51 Nos.1/2 March/June, 2004
Special Issue on the Engineering Test Satellite Ⅷ (ETS-Ⅷ) Vol.50 Nos.3/4 September/December, 2003
Special Issue on Time and Frequency Standard Vol.50 Nos.1/2 March/June, 2003
Special Issue on Space Weather Forecast 2 -Development of Observation and Forecasting Systems and Information Service- Vol.49 No.4 December, 2002
Special Issue on Space Weather Forecast 1
-Study on Space Weather and its Hazards-
Vol.49 No.3 September, 2002
Special Issue on Global Environment Measurements Vol.49 No.2 June, 2002
Special Issue on Photonic Technology Vol.49 No.1 March, 2002
Special Issue on Yokosuka Radio Communications Research Center Vol.48 No.4 December, 2001
Special Issue on the Keihanna Human Info-Communications Research Center Vol.48 No.3 September, 2001
Special Issue on Next-generation Info-communication Networks Vol.48 No.2 June, 2001